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If you wish to pay a little!
With Pay Per Click (PPC) program you can control your visitors and traffic by biding according to your target demography, budget and time. With the help of Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, we provide a great way to advertise your business online because it offers direct experience of your business to the online audience.

We do extensive research on your target audience and plan your pay per click campaign accordingly. We work with you closely to determine you campaign objectives, budgets and conversion goals.

Our ROI based Pay Per Click solutions include:

Pay-per-click Program Management: We provide complete support for managing your entire program right from creating your account till conversion of the lead. Our PPC management services include the formation and optimizations of your ads, supervision of your daily spend, analysis of logical data and monthly reporting.

Keyword Research: As we saw in SEO, the keyword list here might also just surprise you. It will provide a better prospective about the service or product you are offering and may help you add feature, price, localization etc., to it. Whether you have an existing pay per click campaign or would like to start with a new one, we use best keyword research practices to make sure that you get best performing keywords associated with your campaign.

Ad Design and Copy: This is the most important aspect of a PPC program after keyword research. We truly understand the importance of it and create catchy and relevant ads for you. Our experienced team creates short, simple yet impressive ads that help you represent your brand better and increase chances of a visitor to click on your ad.

Landing Page Design and Optimization: Getting people to click on your ad is like taking them to the door. The real job is to take them inside and have them spend some quality time, generate a query and start a conversion eventually. We specialized in designing performing landing page and optimizing them to the maximum. A well optimized landing page is key to your lead conversion process.

Active Bid Management: We will manage all keyword bid for you and optimize to achieve the best ROI. Our team helps you core bid management activities like gap supervising, bid price changes and bid position maintenance.

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