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Defining target is no easy task and all your marketing efforts can go in vain at one go without defining proper set of targeted audience. It is very important to identify and understand your target before launching any marketing campaign. We can not only help you identify target for you but also build the list of people to target for the campaign.

E-mail marketing lists may have many uses. We offer a wide choice of factors to adjust a user list behavior in different circumstances. Users might have complexity in selecting the exact parameters to make the e-mail list configuration. So instead of choosing each parameter, list configuration is made with a list profile.

We custom select appropriate profiles which might be willing to buy your product or services. We make sure that your newsletters and information are delivered only to the real people. We also make sure that these people in the newsletter are offered with a real choice to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive newsletters and updates from you. This increases your credibility and make you look like more genuine.

CubeWires provide email marketing list that is used to propose and send emails, control your subscribers and follow your campaign’s objectives. Results are easily tractable and you can easily apprehend the results produced by our lists. Our charges are very convenient in respect of the result we produce.

CubeWires offer following customized list services:

List Creation: Give us a target profile and then we will create totally customized and highly accurate list to jumpstart your lead generation activities. We understand that you might have further differentiated and peculiar requirements which is not appropriately addressable with the help of our already prepared lists. In such occasions we are more than happy to prepare a completely custom and specialized list for you. We can prepare customized email list on the basis of application, geography, industry, revenue, job title etc.

List Append: Our lists append service can get rid of all those incomplete fields in your marketing database. It provides your sales and marketing team more time to focus on closing the deals rather spending time on finding the correct data. Our in-house tools and various public and private sources focus on preserving subscriber information, data segmentation and maintaining unsubscribe request as a way to continue list health over the life of a campaign. If your e-mail append list needs to be authorized then we suggest using tools and services that are particularly designed for list cleaning.

List Cleansing: If you already have an existing database but unable to get most out of it. You should certainly get it cleaned as there may be chances of people getting relocated, promoted and leaving the job, etc. Email list cleaning can recover your email status and increase your inbox deliverance rate by eliminating illogical and problematic email addresses from your custom email list. This is very essential for better targeting and better response. It also saves you from unnecessary processing that has to be done with the junk email addresses present in your list. This saves time and gives fast results. Our solutions in this regard are stable and very effective. With our experience we can proudly address to your requirements.

List Maintenance: We also undertake marketing database maintenance projects if you have already bought our services. Extending to it we keep updating the lists we have in our inventories for a quicker delivery of specialized lists to you. We maintain different lists for almost all major segments for our list services. These lists only includes the customers who may be willing to review the services offered by you in that specialized segment.

According to a survey an average marketing database experienced approximately 40% change in every six months. This makes it extremely important that your lists are too upgraded at a regular interval. Otherwise you might be wasting your energy, resources and capabilities towards wrong direction. Such strategies with a little investment yield significant results to you. As garbage list on the other hand may decrease your credibility and a great number of users may choose to put you in their spam folder. This in extreme cases may be done by the email service providers automatically. These disastrous situations may be easily avoided with only a little restructuring and considerations.

Our specialized on-demand list services include:

Industry Based Lists Application Based list
Banking Industry Executives List SAP User list
Real Estate Industry Executives List Microsoft user list
Insurance Industry Executives List IBM User list
Business Services Industry Executives List Oracle User list
Healthcare Industry Executives List PeopleSoft  User list
Manufacturing Industry Executives List Salesforce User list
Advertising Agencies Industry Executives List Cisco User list
Colleges And Universities Industry Executives List Adobe User list
Pharmaceutical Industry Executives List Siebel User list
Technology Industry List Citrix User list

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